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The Mission of Perth Amboy Catholic School is to enlighten, inspire, and nurture the minds, hearts, and souls of the children entrusted to our care with Gospel Values and Academic Excellence.
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Faculty and Staff

Staff/Teacher/Admin   Grade/Subject   Email Address
Mrs. Anacelis Diaz Principal
Miss. Angelina Ramirez Secretary
Ms. Grace Szuba  Bookkeeper
Ms. Maria Monteverde   Pre-K3
Mrs. Gloria Olenchak  Sub
Mrs. Terri Beckner  Kindergarten
Mrs. Margaret Wilson  First Grade
Ms. Christina Kovaleski Second Grade  
Miss. Janice Espinal Third Grade
Miss. Jennifer Rosari Fourth Grade
Mr. Walter Clark Fifth Grade
Miss. Michelle Diaz Sixth Grade
Miss. Michelle Diaz Seventh Grade
Mrs. Catherine McCormack Eighth Grade
Mrs. MaryAnne Weber Advanced Math
Mrs. Lonie Yuschik Art
Mr. Nicholas Gonzalez Gym
Ms. Renata Legutko Music
Mrs. Maryam Abdul-Kareem Nurse  
Mrs. Karen Ninehan Writing Workshop
Mrs. Pattiann Ponik After Care/ Cafeteria  
Mrs. Maria Kasztelan Cafeteria